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Strong sequential inspection Certification program

Industry testing and certifica

Focus on 5 major areas to solve customer pain points

Professional service ability

Based on the key service, smooth customer experience

  • 10000 + customer partner trust

    10000 + customer partner trust,There are 500 in-depth strategic cooperation,Industry Award"Star Testing and consulting organization"title。

  • 15 years of industry experience

    In the past 15 years, the sequential inspection team has focused on the field of inspection service, handling more than 60000 + Inspection and certification reports for customers every year.

  • Service category

    Service categories up to 108, for you to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution

  • One stop service capability

    Strategic cooperation with major certification bodies in the world to solve the regional, policy, cultural and other impact, one-stop service.

cooperative partner

Won the title of "star detection agency"
in many industries
The annual number of customer test reports
and certificates exceeds 60,000.

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  • Testing and certification expe
    Sequential inspection is a professional international product certification, testing, inspection and international standard technical consulting service organization. We provide testing services for hazardous substances, safety regulations, EMC, material analysis, textiles, footwear, leather, toys, etc. in the fields of industrial products testing, consumer goods testing, trade protection, etc.   
    On the one hand, it provides more powerful solutions for enterprises to improve product quality, inspection station and other aspects by virtue of its competitive advantages. Help enterprises to cross technical barriers to trade, reduce trade risks, and provide international market permits for products。    

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